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Sinclair Ferguson is senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, S.C., and Distinguished Visiting Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Seminary. One of the most renowned Reformed theologians in our day, Dr. Ferguson is also a member of the Council of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. He is a prolific author whose many books include The Holy Spirit, Taking the Christian Life Seriously, and Kingdom Life in a Fallen World.

This sermon series was preached at First Presbyterian Church of Columbia, SC.

Looking With Luke
Luke 1:1-4

A Troubling Visitor
Luke 1:5-25

Double Joy – Luke 24:36-53

The Seven Mile Bible
Luke 24:13-35

Not Here?
Luke 23:50-24:12

The Via Dolorosa
Luke 23:26-43

The Innocent and the Guilty
Luke 23:1-25

Denying Jesus
Luke 22:54-71

The Hour of Whose Power?
Luke 22:39-53

Trial and Error
Luke 22:24-38

The First and Last Supper
Luke 22:7-23

Enter, Satan
Luke 22:1-6

Jesus Prophesies the Future
Luke 21:5-38

Windows – Devoured and Devoted
Luke 20:45-21:4

Two Trick Questions
Luke 20: 19-44

What Right has Jesus to Speak?
Luke 20:1-18

Serving a New King
Luke 19:11-27

A Tale of Two Seekers
Luke 19:1-10

Gaining Access
Luke 18:18-34

Rebukers Rebuked!
Luke 18:15-17

Going up, Going Down. A Story of Two Men at Church
Luke 18:9-14

Audacious Faith
Luke 18:1-8

Thy Kingdom Come
Luke 17:20-47

When Jesus Got One Out of Ten
Luke 17:11-19

Three Big Words for Christian Living
Luke 17:1-10

The Rich Man and Lazarus
Luke 16:19-31

Living by the Word
Luke 16:14-18

Faithful to One Master
Luke 16:9-13

The Strangest Parable Ever?
Luke 16:1-13

Joy, Joy, Joy!
Luke 15:1-32

Just Tell Me, What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Luke 14:25-35

The Party You Don’t Want to Miss
Luke 14:12-24

Two Dinner Lessons
Luke 14:1-11

The Narrow and Soon-Shut Door
Luke 13: 22-35

Setting People Straight on the Sabbath
Luke 13: 10-21

Repent or Perish?
Luke 13:1-9

Jesus–Creator of Division?
Luke 12: 49-59

Ready and Waiting?
Luke 12:35-48

The Ultimate Anxiety Cure
Luke 12:22-34

Luke 12: 13-21

To Fear, or Not to Fear…That Is The Qustion. –
Luke 12: 1-12

The Savior’s Six Woes
Luke 11:37-54

Light and Darkness – Seeing the Difference
Luke 11: 33-36

Seeking a Sign
Luke 11:29-32

Kingdom V Kingdom

Needing Security
Luke 11:1-13

Asking for Provision and Pardon
Luke 11:1-13

Kingdom-Focused Prayer
Luke 11:1-4

Holy Father
Luke 11:1-13

Two Very Different Sisters
Luke 10:38-42

Who Is the Neighbor?
Luke 10:25-37

Mission Remarkable
Luke 10:1-24

The Cost of Discipleship
Luke 9:57-42

Feisty Disciples
Luke 9:43b-56

Majesty and Misery
Luke 9:28-45

Who Is Jesus?
Luke 9:18-27

Life With Jesus
Luke 9:1-17

Twelve Short – Long – Years
Luke 8:40-56

The Bay of Pigs
Luke 8:26-39

Ruler of All Nature
Luke 8:22-25

In the Family
Luke 8:19-21

How Is Your Hearing?
Luke 8:4-18

Jesus and Friends
Luke 8:1-3

Simon, the Sinner, and the Savior
Luke 7:36-50

Is Jesus the One?
Luke 7:18-35

Jesus: Marveling and Moved
Luke 7:1-18

Which Builder
Luke 6:46-49

Heart Conditions
Luke 6:37-45

Who Loves His Enemies
Luke 6:27-36

A Plain Sermon
Luke 6:17-26

Jesus Makes Choices
Luke 6:12-16

Jesus – Lord of the Sabbath
Luke 6:1-11

The Grumbles
Luke 5:17-39

The Joyfull Mission
Luke 10:17-24

The Longing to be Clean
Luke 5:12-16

Catching Fish and Men
Luke 5:1-11

The Astonishing Jesus
Luke 4:31-44

How Wonder Becomes Anger
Luke 4:14-30

The Right man on Our Side
Luke 3:23 – 4:13

The Two Baptizers
Luke 3:15-22

The Voice in the Wilderness
Luke 3:1-14

Jesus the Twelve-Year old
Luke 2:39-52

The Old and the New
Luke 2:29-32

After Christmas Morning
Luke 2:14-21

Born in Bethlehem
Luke 2:1-7

Luke 1:57-80

Luke 1:30-56

This Is His Body
Luke 1:26-38