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Last night I watched this at The Resurgence and thought about posting it. Glad I waited because although I do appreciate and agree with much of Bethke’s video! it’s important to also look at some of the responses such as those from Jared Wilson and Keven DeYoung. Thanks to Justin Taylor for pulling it all together. ~Dani

From Justin Taylor
Three days ago Jefferson Bethke’s spoken-word YouTube video was uploaded; it has now been viewed over 6.5 million times. You can watch it below:

Then read some wise and measured responses by Jared Wilson and Kevin DeYoung.

Jared writes:

It’s important not to push back on Jefferson Bethke and his video simply to be contrarian or to avoid liking something because everybody else does. The heart displayed in the video is solid, and he says a lot of right things. But he says a few wrongs one too, and while they aren’t wrong enough to overreact, they are wrong enough to note with some cautions.

You can read the whole thing here.

Kevin DeYoung writes:

This video is the sort of thing that many younger Christians love. It sounds good, looks good, and feels good. But is it true? That’s the question we must always ask. And to answer that question, I want to go through this poem slowly, verse by verse. Not because I think this is the worst thing ever. It’s certainly not. Nor because I think this video will launch a worldwide revolution. I want to spend some time on this because Bethke perfectly captures the mood, and in my mind the confusion, of a lot of earnest, young Christians.

You can read his thoughts here.