Interesting question from tonight’s Q&A at the 2011 Ligonier National Conference.

Did God suffer on the Cross?

Robert Godfrey – No

R.C. Sproul Jr. – I’m with you. The creedal point is that the humanity and deity are united perfectly, though each nature retains its own attributes. Because of His eternal blessedness, God cannot suffer on the cross. Some object and say, “but if you say that, where do you get the eternal value of the cross.” It comes from the fact that the human that suffers is in union with the eternal deity.

Robert Godfrey – The church fathers said that is was legitimate linguistic exercise to attribute something of one nature to the other. But the communication is metaphorical.

Sinclair Ferguson – In the incarnation, the Lord did not cease to be the second person of the Trinity, but He assumed a human nature. He assumed our humanity, He did not lose our deity. Difficult though it is, we need to keep these natures distinct even though they were united perfectly in Him.