Is The Shack, the wildly popular NY Times bestselling novel, really the second coming of John Bunyan’s beloved allegory, Pilgrim’s Progress?  Are its non-orthodox representation of God and other spiritual themes a legitimate way to reach a certain demographic?  Or, is The Shack actually a spiritually confusing work of fiction that is to be anathema amongst Christians?

This Saturday in Hour 1 or The Christian Worldview, we’ll get a “two for one” when Tim Challies, editor of the popular blog Challies.com, joins me to discuss his book, The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, and how to apply that discernment in understanding The Shack.  You can read Challies’ review of The Shack here.  We will also take your phone calls on The Shack, a book that continues to arouse heated debate amongst Christians.