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Thanks to Dan Phillips at Biblical Christianity
So Newsweak’s way of saying “Happy Resurrection Day!” to Christians was dolorously “reporting” on “the end of Christian America” (see last week’s H&T).

Now, fiery Roman Catholic writer Brent Bozell responds with The End of Newsweek?

It’s a bare-knuckled essay full of quotables (all emphases will be mine). Bozell wastes no time. Asking why Newsweek was ready to hold a funeral for Christianity in America, Bozell observes that it was:

[b]ecause they found that the percentage of self-identified Christians had fallen 10 points since 1990. OK, then let’s compare. How much has Newsweek’s circulation fallen since 1990? Just since 2007, their announced circulation has dropped by 52 percent. It would be more plausible to state “The End of Newsweek.”

Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark.

After rehearsing more figures and trends, Bozell muses: 

Newsweek’s strategy in the midst of all its financial decline is to double and triple the amount of editorializing, cast aside all semblance of “news” in favor of long, liberal essays by self-impressed Newsweek editor Jon Meacham and his international editor Fareed Zakaria. Is that really a business solution, or is it the captains performing violin solos on the deck of the Titanic?

One has to wonder whether Newsweek’s financial gurus really think it’s a smart business strategy to greet the Easter season with funerals for “Christian America,” and greet the Christmas season by making the “religious case for gay marriage”? (That’s not to mention all the reverent Obama worship in between.)

Bozell goes on to observe that the intent seems to be to dishearten Christians into shutting up and hiding in church (as I also observed, in this blog’s second post). We should stop contending for Christian values in public, yield to Islam, get in step with the world.

Bozell finishes with his own direct-hit:


All this leads back to the sneaking suspicion that the top minds at Newsweek think they are the wisest of men, the definers of trends and the shepherds of public opinion. So why is everyone abandoning their advice? Why are the captains of a magazine that’s lost half its circulation telling the rest of us where the mainstream lies?

The Biblically-faithful Christian, of course, will chuckle at Newsweek’s (and the MSM’s) ongoing attempts to shame us into joining what they define as “the mainstream.” One day, we will be the mainstream.

But this is not that day.