What images do spirituality or spiritual activity conjure in your mind? I guess many people think of praying alone away from the noise of the family, or sitting in contemplation on retreat in a rural place. It’s about what I do alone, rather than what I do with other people. Spirituality has come to be about solitude, calm, silence.In reality, though, this is spirituality for the well-off. It’s only for those who can afford to go on retreat or have space in their home where they can be quiet. It won’t work for the single mother in a small apartment. It won’t work for the migrant worker who goes to work at six in the morning. It’s not urban spirituality. And it’s not biblical spiritualityBiblical spirituality is about:

Bible meditation, not mystical silence
Passionate engagement, not rural retreat
Growing together, not individual solitude
In other words, biblical spirituality, at its core, is about the word of God, the mission of God, and the community of God.

From The Resurgence by Tim Chester