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Lord's Day Reflections

Over the past several Lord’s Days my Pastor during the 10:00 Hr. has been preaching a very soul searching series: A Return To Holiness: The Confession of sin.

To say the least it has been a blessing to sit under the preaching of this man for the past 1.5 yrs but it only seems to get better and better! This week we took a close look at “sins of thought”…

Here are few points to consider during your own self examination in regards to “Sins of Thought”:

1) Is your mind filled with thoughts of Christ?
a) Do you think more about work and recreation?
b) Are you filled with unclean thoughts?
c) Are you plagued with angry and bitter thoughts?

Scripture Refs: 2 Cor 10:5, Matt 5:27

2) Do lustful unclean thoughts fill your mind?
a) Do you watch programs with a motive to lust?
b) Are you sensitive and conscious of unpure thoughts?
c) Do you strive to replace unclean thoughts?

Scripture Refs: Matt 5:27, Rom 12:2

3) People & Things vs The Lord
a) Do you make a daily effort to think on the things of God?
b) Do you make it a purpose to read the Bible daily?
c) Can you love God & not His Word?

Scripture Refs: Matt 6:24, Col 3:1-5, Ps 1:1-2, Ps 119:11-15

4) Improper Motives in your worship of God
a) What are your motives in prayer?
b) Do you seek God for what He can do for you or out of love for Him?
c) Do you seek praise of men rather than just simply pleasing God?
d) Do you come to worship to bow down before God and repent?
e) Did you attend worship last Lord’s Day to reverence God or to seek His blessing?

Scripture Refs: James 4:3, Matt 15:7-9, Amos 5

5) The pursuit of holiness is a spiritual mindset.
a) Bible reading & prayer are the primary means of pursuing holiness.
b) Is your mind filled with how to acheive more holiness?
c) Do you read and meditate on various Scriptures fro self examination?

Scripture Refs: Heb 12:14, 1 John 3:2-3

It is my prayer that these brief points will cause you to more earnestly seek for holiness of life and cause you to consistantly undergo self examination. May we with all urgency and determination “work out our salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in an through us to will and to do…”

Soli Deo Gloria!
Paul Kaiser