Micheal Ramsden said,

What is the issue of abortion about in most every pro-abortionist’s eyes? Choice. The question is about whether I’ll have the choices I want.

What does it say if I tell you I’m a Christian and my God says abortion is wrong? That my God takes away choice. Who else takes away choices? Dictators. I don’t recall the last time I sang a hymn that said “Oh God, what a wonderful dictator you are… I marvel at your oppression.” (laughter)

See the question is wrong. The issue is not about choice.

Go door-to-door and ask a one-question survey: “When is it right to take an innocent person’s life?” The overwhelming response would be “never.” Yet that’s what abortion does.

THAT is the question we should be asking ourselves.

– Paraphrased from Conversational Apologetics

There is a Bible verse speaks with great clarity on the problem of abortion: “You desire and do not have, so you murder.” (James 4:2 ESV) Men and women desire not to be encumbered with yet another mouth to feed and diaper. And when they cannot obtain what they desire, they murder.

If you have had an abortion, have considered having an abortion or have encouraged someone to have an abortion, God urges you, repent! Read Acts 17:30 and Luke 13:1-5, then make Psalm 51 your prayer. Come to the foot of Jesus’ blood-stained cross for mercy!

Thanks to Chris de Vidal at The Reformed Evangelist for this post.