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Here’s another poem written by my friend Josh…

Hello, Father,
Have I told You that I love You today?
I saw the message You left me earlier.
The trees were reaching for You,
The flowers were blooming for You,
The grass was pointing at You,
I figure it’s Your way of saying hey;
All of it was praising Your name.

Hello, Son,
I am just dropping by,
Saying I apologize.
I haven’t talked to You in quite some time.
The love You have for me is beyond words,
And though I can never repay You fully
For anything You’ve done,
I will give You all of me.

Hello, Holy Spirit,
I heard You speak through me the other night.
What did You say?
I didn’t understand any of it even in the slight.
Was I mean to understand any of it,
Or did You just want to demonstrate
How You can change one’s voice and even language?
Were You saying how many times I’ve sinned,
Or just saying Your love never ends?

Hello, God,
I can’t comprehend the Three that You are,
And I can’t imagine the One that You are.
For my Lord is One Lord,
And I will praise You every way I can,
And I will love You wtih all that I am,
And I will worship You according to Your plan.