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My friend Josh has started writing poetry.  Here’s one I especially like…

Sovereign God
Every creation sings of Your glory!
From every rock to every tree,
They were made to proclaim Your name.
Humbly we come on our knees,
Bringing You honor and grace
And kneeling at Your feet;
Dying for Your peace.
All creation calls You “King”.

The mountains that reach so high,
And the seas that stretch as far as the sky,
It was made by Your Words and Your Will.
You spoke out and the seas were formed.
You reached out and humans were born.
The endless height of the sky to the ocean floor,
All things we see say “Holy is the Lord”.

We are set to be an example of Your love.
To tell others that we alone are not enough,
And that You reign as the Almighty One.
You choose who to bless,
What needs stressed,
And You know the heart of man;
Your Sovereignty is evident in this