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M42450021_m_2Two weeks ago my friend Curtis “Voice” Allen sent me a copy of his latest rap album, The Process of The Pardon. I’ve been enjoying this album thoroughly. I’ve been listening to it often…while driving, running, and dancing with my son.

There are two reasons I dig The Process of the Pardon:

1) Theology. Allen’s lyrics are saturated in theological truth. Listening to this album will educate you. This album is good theology delivered in the art form of rap. Halfway through the album and Allen’s poetics, you realize that you’re not just listening, you’re learning…even worshiping.

2) Beat. Allen has included some gripping beats on this album, beats that make you want to nod your head and move your feet.

My favorite tracks are Here I Stand (a celebration of Martin Luther and a call to follow in his reforming footsteps) and The Long Road Home, which you can listen to here.

You can purchase The Process of The Pardon here.

ht: Justin Buzzard