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Jared nails it. Read him, because I’m just stealing his stuff.

The prosperity Gospel has nothing to do with Jesus.

The Osteen trial is providing all the evidence you need- if you needed more- that this nonsense about a religion obsessed with “God’s favor” produces people who are in another universe as far as Jesus is concerned.

These are people who want the first class seats, and they want to be served. They are entitled.



Read Philippians 2, stop at the cross for a moment, and come away entitled.

Come away saying “It’s not my job.” “Do you know who I am?” “I’m a first class passenger!”

Love your neighbor? Not in first class. Not in the prosperity Gospel. You’re one of God’s “entitled” children.

You can be on international TV with the slickest broadcast and the biggest crowds, but it’s amazing how a small incident in a plane- a spill on your seat and your treatment of a flight attendant- speak loud and clear about what kind of “Jesus” you have in mind when you say “Jesus” in your sermons.

It’s the Jesus who creates favored, entitled, served people.

And that’s not the Jesus of the New Testament.

ht: Jesus Shaped Spirituality