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Over the past several years, the term intelligent design has undoubtedly become a buzzword in our culture. The ID Movement is now recognized as a formidable foe to Darwinism in the culture war taking place over the origin of the universe and mankind. Consequently, many Bible-believing Christians have been quick to jump on board with the idea, perhaps seeing it as a potentially redeeming voice to the often disrespected position of “unscientific” biblical creation. But what exactly is the ID movement? And what does it mean for Christians and the young-earth creation movement?

In the minds of many people, intelligent design is just a trendy, new way to be a creationist. In reality, however, the prominent faces of the ID Movement are a group of credentialed scholars from a variety of religious backgrounds whose common denominators are rejecting naturalism and believing that aspects of living cells are too complex to have arisen by chance. The ID Movement does not align itself with any origins model and admittedly does not even offer an explanation of our origins. Its goal is primarily to challenge the idea that chance, random processes can explain the complexity evidenced in the universe and world around us.

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