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Systematic Theology - Wayne GrudemHere’s an email from John Hughes:

It has recently come to the attention of Wayne Grudem and myself that an illegal copy of his Systematic Theology has been posted on the Internet and that word of this, along with links to the site where the illegal copy is posted, has found its way to many Christian blog sites. I am working with Dr. Grudem to contact all sites that have links to this illegal copy of his book to ask them to remove the links immediately.

Dr. Grudem and I jointly hold the copyright to all electronic versions of his Systematic Theology. My company, Bits & Bytes, Inc., is the publisher of the Libronix, PC Study Bible, Pradis, and Olive Tree versions of this book. Posting a complete copy of Systematic Theology online is intellectual property theft — a federal crime. Posting a link to the illegal copy or a link to a link is at the very least directing people to stolen goods.

On behalf of Dr. Grudem and myself, we respectfully request that all links to, and all links to links to, the illegal copy of Systematic Theology that is on the Internet be removed from all Christian blog sites. Thank you for honoring this request.

Sincerely, John Hughes, President Bits & Bytes, Inc.