“So we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it.” Hebrews 2:1 NLT 

Ship in the tempest

As Christians, we are all in danger of being deceived by false teachers or chasing after the things of the world. We are advised by the writer of Hebrews to intently listen to the truth we have heard in God’s Word. I particularly like the implications of the word “drift” in this verse. This kind of drifting is like a ship without an anchor. It will be gently pushed by the waves away from where it began. Before long, the wind will howl and the torrential rains will pour. The ship will be surrounded by a thick darkness. The world’s influences will crash on us eagerly trying to capsize our witness for Christ. The fury of Satan will do all it can to overcome us. Without an anchor in Christ and His Word, we as Christians will drift into the tempestuously evil sea of the world. If we do not regard God’s Word as the infallible truth, then what do we have? Each person will do what is right in his own eyes. We cannot lean on our own understanding, but must see all things through the pages of God’s Word. If we do not heed the Truth, we will find ourselves far from where we ever expected to be.  

ht: The Isle of Hope