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The question “Do I love God?” is often overshadowed by a bigger question—“Does God love me?” This personal doubt of God’s love has haunted Christians for centuries and remains a common question today.  Over a century ago a woman posed the same question to pastor Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

“I once knew a good woman who was the subject of many doubts, and when I got to the bottom of her doubt, it was this: she knew she loved Christ, but she was afraid he did not love her. “Oh!” I said, “that is a doubt that will never trouble me; never, by any possibility, because I am sure of this, that the heart is so corrupt, naturally, that love to God never did get there without God’s putting it there.” You may rest quite certain, that if you love God, it is a fruit, and not a root. It is the fruit of God’s love to you, and did not get there by the force of any goodness in you. You may conclude, with absolute certainty, that God loves you if you love God.”

Recently C.J. Mahaney included Spurgeon’s counsel in his message at the New Attitude Conference.  Go here and listen as C.J. reads the quote.

Spurgeon’s entire sermon can be read online for free here. C.J.’s Na message—“God as Father: Understanding the Doctrine of Adoption”—can be downloaded here.