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[tweetmeme source=”allsufficientgrace” only_single=false] plan to add “something science” every so often just to marvel at the staggering diversity, beauty and complexity within God’s creation.  A good start would be with a very fascinating ocean-dweller, the octopus.  From the class, Cephalopoda, the octopi have remarkable cognitive skills and handy little light-reflecting cells called chromatophores that enable them to morph into their surroundings until they are completely hidden.  The first video showing an amazing demonstration of the cephalopod’s camouflage abilities!

Found in the shallow coral and rock pools of Australia, the blue-ringed octopus, the size of a golf ball, is known as the world’s most poisonous – powerful enough to kill an adult human in minutes.  The blue rings only show as a warning of it’s deadly bite.  Otherwise the cephalopod is a pale color. 

Find more information and some great photos here.