From The Christian Post

Doctrine isn’t a popular word among Christians today. Some church leaders avoid the topic when preaching from the pulpit because it tends to divide. So when Seattle church pastor Mark Driscoll began a sermon series specifically on doctrine, he received several phone calls from pastors who lead large flocks asking if anyone is still coming out to listen to the series.

“The rule is, if you have a big church you’re supposed to not talk about certain things that are controversial [or] divisive,” said Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church, which draws mainly twenty-somethings.

But the 37-year-old pastor has his theological convictions and wants both non-Christians and Christians alike to know the core truth claims of Christianity.

Mars Hill is now eight weeks into the 13-week series titled “Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe.” Driscoll is taking a break from the pulpit this coming Sunday after having preached on one of the most important and challenged dogmas of the Christian faith – the crucifixion of Jesus and atonement for sins.

“Some are erroneously teaching that the cross should not be taught because it’s ‘divine child abuse,'” Driscoll told church attendants as he rejected claims that the cross contradicts God’s love. “Others would say ‘you can’t teach the cross because God is love and how will people see the love of God at the cross of Jesus?'”

“My answer is ‘the cross IS the love of God,'” he stressed. “Apart from the cross all we have is a sentimental understanding of love. God doesn’t just send a greeting card. He goes to a cross and dies. He does something.”

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