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I love this quote from The Courage to be Protestant, by David F. Wells!

The loss of truth is being offset by increasingly adventurous experiments in worship and by various attempts at recovering a lost sense of mystery. My view is that this kind of offsetting is an illusion. There is no offset for the loss of truth. There can only be a cover-up of what has taken place. When our knowledge of God’s truth is diminished, our understanding of God is diminished, and no amount of contrived mystery through ancient liturgies or gathering in the presence of dim, flickering candlelight can compensate for the loss.

Emergents too, are standing outside the house that Ockenga, Henry, Graham, Stott, Lloyd-Jones, and Schaeffer built in that earlier generation. The difference is that they are standing outside the house, whereas the seeker-sensitives, the marketers, still imagine they are living inside it.

ht: Six Steps