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Here is an excerpt from a sermon by Erik Raymond  entitled, Gospel Ministry 101.  The sections in blue are quotes from Jonathan Edwards.  You can download the complete audio here.



This seeing, this beholding, this knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ is the heaven sent ability to truly value Christ, that is, to worship him.


It is, what Jonathan Edwards called, “The most excellent and divine wisdom that any creature is capable of. It is more excellent than any human learning. It is far more excellent than all the knowledge of the greatest philosophers or statesmen. This knowledge, said Edwards, has the most noble object that can be, the divine glory and Excellency of God and Christ. This light gives a view of those things that are the most exquisitely beautiful…this spiritual light is the light of glory in the heart.”


This seeing of Christ is not just the agreement that he is God. It is not just the confession of orthodox theology. It is not even simply the feeling of occasionally being moved emotionally by a sermon or a song, for even movies and novels stir our hearts. No, what we are talking about here is the sovereign flooding and subsequent convincing of your heart with the infinite value and beauty of Christ. It is to truly know and feel his immense glory and to love it.


The point of the sermon is to see faithfulness in ministry, but we would be remissed in diagnosing unfaithfulness and trying to forge faithfulness, in not asking the question as to whether or not you have ever been awaken to behold the glory of God in the face of Christ. Are you truly impressed with Christ?


As Edwards said, “This knowledge will wean from the world, and raise the inclination to heavenly things. It will turn the heart to God as the fountain for good, and to choose him for the only portion. This light, and this only, will bring the soul to a saving close with Christ.” (v.ii, page 17).